Monday, 4 December 2017

At Athletics

First of all on friday at school on the field we did athletics. what group one did first was dodgeball what we did for dodgeball was one team was the green team and the blue team then the Coach said 3 2 1 and we had to grab the ball and throw the ball at the person and then the person is out.

Next we went to the rope challenge. The blue and yellow team went first. they had to pull the rope and wait until the coach say go then the team was pulling the ropes and the team that won was blue. then the other teams that was green and red went. what green and red had to do was go on one side and when the coach say go and we went to pull the rope and the team that won was green.

After that we went to the high jump. what we did for high jump was if we were left handed we have to stand where the left side was and if you were right handed you have to stand on the right side. then we went to run one by one and jump. Later on we did relays with mr Goodwin. we had to stand in lines and when mr Goodwin say go we had to run fast.

In the end we did volleyball and for volley there was a coach that had to do the points. we went on two teams together. the team that had to serve was the blue team.

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